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April 02, 2019

Idea, Prototype, Product Launch! Piece of cake? ...Not a chance...

Hi! I'm Isaac and I created Blade Xtreme! so you can get smooth shaves longer - from one cartridge!


Here's Blade Xtreme!'s back story...

Ten months ago I imagined and, more importantly - took action to create a simple-to-use, affordable - personal care product for men and women that delivered a three-tier value proposition: 1. Extend a multi-blade cartridge or single-blade razor's life, 2. Improve shaving hygiene/comfort, and 3. Substantially reduce the need for the 60+ expensive marquee-brand razor blade cartridges I purchase, use, and discard annually to landfills!

Your razor blades are precision instruments. However, once exposed to the skin - then dragged across your lathered face, head, legs or armpits - things drastically change. The blades attract bacteria, skin, hair and shaving product residue to its leading edge, surface, and between blades on multi-blade cartridges. Those contaminants are not thoroughly removed with a quick rinse in your sink. ...And if not removed after your first shave with a new blade - immediately reduce shaving comfort and shorten blade life.

When you follow simple Blade Xtreme! instructions: --virtually all of those contaminants are removed from the blade's cutting edge and flat surfaces that touch your skin. The result is a more hygienic, smoother, comfortable - longer shaving experience from one single-blade or multi-blade cartridge!



Little did I realize the countless hours of intense effort required to manifest my vision. The process of engineering a seemingly simple design - is, in itself - complex. Our first prototype was over 3 feet long! We thought....umm - this thing works really good - but customers might have a slight challenge packing their 36 inch Blade Xtreme in their toiletries bag. ...Dah!

So we iterated again, and again, and again. ...And guess what - we failed. We experimented with metals, plastic, and wood. The metal worked well, but was heavy, expensive to ship and would alert security at airport checkpoints. It also would rust on your bathroom sink counter - not good! The plastic was cheap to manufacture, lightweight - but looked and felt crappy. ...Those of you who know me - understand, that's not how I roll. ...Deliver quality or deliver nothing!



We were determined to craft a bespoke product, affordably priced - that align with our quality mandate and the three goals established day-one. Eventually, - stars align and the first viable Blade Xtreme! was born. And it is beautiful! We think we nailed it - but that's for you to decide... The asymmetric design is stunning, and at a total weight of only two (2) ounces - it seemed to float in your hand - - clearly, a travel-friendly product. The six (6) inch long natural pinewood "super-structure" hinted the smell of an after-rain walk through the forest and raised no security concerns at airports. She looked great and balanced well in either hand. But we must test in the real messy, lathery, hot, cold, wet shaving world...

We needed to confirm the optimal number of push-strokes across Blade Xtreme! textured surface required to clean the leading edge and critical surfaces that touch skin - too, essentially, extend blade life? Can the product endure months of use and remain structurally sound? What will happen if left in the bathtub for hours? What if it's dropped on the floor and stepped on - will it survive? ...And on and on... Blade Xtreme! passed all test except one - our smell test. Yes, literally.

The mild smell of burnt wood after we "brand" with a custom-designed branding iron. Solution: ...Just give her some space to breathe for a week or two and the scorched smell gradually disappears. We also provide custom branding for our (premium giveaways) convention and trade show business. Every Blade Xtreme! is individually craft and inspected with human eyes and hands - including mine! We are a scrappy start-up - so everyone works on the production floor and communicates with customers. Our culture is simple: Respect each other, have fun and work our collective butts off to create a quality product! No Harvard case studies or McKinsey & Company best practices required. We just respect, work, produce, and then sell. Ok, pre-launch checklists are complete! Let's fly!



We think you will enjoy using Blade Xtreme! as much as we painfully enjoyed creating it! And fellas, remember - Blade Xtreme! is for you - but women on our team loved it as well. So pick up a few for the special women in your life - or if you have lots of friends who shave (male or female) - the 10-Blade Xtreme! Buddy Pak is great for last minute gifts or a thoughtful surprise! Your lady will think about you every time she shaves her legs! And to show our appreciation - we'll send one additional Blade Xtreme! for your personal use - absolutely FREE! ...Simply place eleven (11) or more Blade Xtremes in your cart - then proceed to checkout and enter coupon code: onefree. If you have questions that are not answered in FAQ's - click the pink square box in the lower-right corner of your screen to start a chat with a live person - no bots. 

I am signing the first 10,000 Blade Xtremes! sold in 2019 - to show gratitude for your order!. Thank you! Who knows - your limited edition autographed Blade Xtreme! might sell for $1,000 bucks on eBay someday! ...No promises though.   ...So hurry, hurry, hurry - step right up and order your autographed limited edition Blade Xtreme! today! I've always wanted to say that "hurry, hurry" thing - and this is a great opportunity to do that!

We believe in giving our customers more than they expect and that process starts with access to me. Yes, I am busy as heck. In addition to Blade Xtreme! CEO - I'm CEO at IRONREV - a company integrating AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality) and building a hyper-intuitive blockchain connecting all businesses worldwide - to each other and you - with one global account key. And yes, I am Executive Producer at WineQueen.TV - a soon-to-launch comedy show, airing 8 pm Monday nights in Shanghai that promotes fun times - enjoying great wine. We are also planning to build the world's largest climate-control wine cellar (5 million bottles) attraction in Shanghai, and we're imagineering the project with premiere Las Vegas casino architects - to manifest my vision!. ...But even with multiple gargantuan plates spinning - you are important to me, really! You are why we are having so much fun doing all this stuff.  ...So if for any reason you need to connect - - hit me up on social or start a chat with our crew.

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Thank you for believing in us enough to try Blade Xtreme! Remember to watch the brief instructional video and then follow that guidance precisely to experience optimal results. Also, check out FAQs for fast answers to your questions.

Don't forget to share Blade Xtreme! with friends and family! Long live your cartridge! Welcome to Blade Xtreme!


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