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April 14, 2019


Digital Ad Strategy & Management - For Your Business

We send customers - you close the deal!



Whether your ad-spend is $500 / month or $500,000 / month - our 70+ Xtreme! Media Team is ready to attract customers to your business! Stop wasting money on print, TV, billboards, direct-mail or radio - just because that's what you've always done! Those strategies may have worked 20 years ago - but not in the digital age! ...Targeted digital advertising does! 

Blade Xtreme is not just a shaving products company. We also provide top-tier professional digital media management services to small or large businesses. We create, execute, and manage your digital advertising or social media strategy - so you can focus on delivering value to customers.

Bottom-line: We attract more business to your company by deploying and managing smart digital/social platforms you simply don't have the desire or time to learn or use. ...But are aware you must to grow revenue!

We are build-out Xtreme Media's automated platform - but until that effort has finished - simply reach out to us here: support@bladextreme.com regarding your media needs. We are happy to serve and will follow-up fast to get the ball rolling on your digital advertising campaign! It's time you deploy Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and other social platforms to grow relevance with existing customers; and equally important - attract a constant stream of new customers!

The Xtreme Media section of our site will be completed soon! But, again - contact us immediately - so we can get started on your first digital advertising campaign!

If you'd like to have a conversation or meeting with a real live person - here's how. Send a brief message including your advertising budget amount to support@bladextreme.com

Place "Digital Advertising" in the subject line - and we'll call you back - really fast! Thank you!