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Xtreme Black Edition

Our beautiful black handcrafted - real pinewood product. Your Xtreme Black Edition is for the man or woman who doesn't have everything - but are determined to get it! Your Black Xtreme and convenient travel pouch weigh only 2 ounces! The smart asymmetrical design is easy to hold in the left or right hand. To enjoy your "smooth shave longer" - follow these simple instructions...

Use Instructions Video:

Barbers cleaned and honed their straight-razors for decades. Now you can easily remove, hair, shaving products, and skin from your cartridge blade surface – too enjoy a smooth shave longer from one cartridge! ....It only takes 12 seconds after each shave: Thoroughly rinse, shake, and push (do not pull!) cartridge 10 times along Blade Xtreme textured surface... and your cartridge will be cleaned, gently honed and ready for your next shave!" That's it - you're done! Works with all cartridges or razor blades.

SPECIAL NOTE: You will receive one (1) Xtreme Black Edition and one (1) travel pouch with each Blade Xtreme ordered. Therefore, if you want three (3) select three (3) in the quantity field below.