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Our Why...

Blade Xtreme! was created by Isaac L. Daniel, a Fintech innovator - - https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaac-l-daniel-727a139/ - - who became tired of buying and then throwing away 60+ razor blade cartridges a year - that eventually end up in landfills. He believed there must be a way to extend blade utility and shaving comfort - through more intelligent care and handling of a single blade or multi-blade cartridge.


He was right! Blade Xtreme! is the only personal care tool that simplifies post-shave blade or cartridge maintenance - so you can experience a smooth shave longer from your single-blade or multi-blade cartridge. It only takes 12 seconds to use! Instructional video can be viewed here.


Blade Xtreme! was born out of frustration and is fast becoming a phenomenon. It's amazing what a a Fintech innovator - on a mission can achieve! Use Blade Xtreme! after each shave - to save your skin, your money, and our environment!