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Copy of Premium Giveaway + Beautiful Promoter = Prospect's Attention! Create a Traffic Jam At Your Booth!

Give your trade show or conference attendees something they will remember came from your company – every time they shave! Our hand crafted Blade Xtreme – custom pinewood products are manufactured in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada – the trade show capital of the world! We can see strip hotels and convention centers from our location - - so there’s no concern about your 100 or 100,000 Blade Xtreme give-a-ways being carefully hand crafted, customized to your specifications, and delivered to your event on time and within the agreed budget. Since every Blade Xtreme is made of high quality real pinewood – we custom forge a branding iron with your website, telephone number or email! …Just tell us what you want and we’ll figure out a way to make you happy! happy! happy! …And your customers and prospects will remember you every time they shave!

Select your favorite Blade Xtreme "Babe" or "Bro" Promoters! Las Vegas events only!

Their names are: Shannon R. (BX-1), Stephanie V. (BX-2), Shelby V. (BX-3), and Mireika E. (BX-4). Yes, we know - they are stunning! ...Which is the exact reason you're still on this page mesmerized; and why more prospects will be attracted to your booth! One (1) Blade Xtreme! Babe is included when you order 2,500 units for your event. However, if your budget allows - we suggest you have two (2) Blade Xtreme! Babe or Bro - promoting and drawing attention to your company!    






















Custom - "Hot-iron branding" on your real pinewood Blade Xtreme give-a-ways 




Hot-iron branding means we literally burn your company information onto each Blade Xtreme for you! The scorched pinewood smell dissipates almost completely within a few days. Just remove Blade Xtreme from its pouch and leave on a counter to breathe. To get the authentic “branding” effect - we actually use a 800 degrees Fahrenheit custom metal branding iron to “brand” information on your Blade Xtreme giveaways. Time consuming process - but our attention to detail is what makes your premium giveaways, "premium," stunning and your company memorable! Our beautiful male or female promo presenters are professional sales people that know how to get and retain attention at your booth! Here are a few pictures of Blade Xtreme promoters. There job is to direct traffic to your booth!


Blade Xtreme's Bespoke Concierge Service:

We know how crazy things can be at your Las Vegas Trade Show. That's why Blade Xtreme trade show customers experience our acclaimed Concierge Service. A Blade Xtreme employee personally delivers your customized Blade Xtreme giveaways to your venue. We then set-up your Blade Xtreme display for you! ...But there's more. To attract more prospects to your booth a beautiful Blade Xtreme model demonstrates product use, answers questions, and then present one Blade Xtreme to your prospect! Our objective is to capture prospect attention with Blade Xtreme and model - - then encourage prospect to check out your products and services. The $750 per day cost for Blade Xtreme Concierge service and model spokesperson is absolutely FREE with your 2,500 or more Blade Xtreme order! See pricing below...and don't forget to use the RED coupon code below to get 5% - 10% discount off your order!


Special Note For Convention and Trade Show customers: 

Blade Xtreme bulk orders and travel pouches are boxed separately. If you prefer, we will insert Blade Xtreme into pouches at an additional cost of $250 per 1,000 ordered - or you can have your company representatives handle this. All pouches have “Blade Xtreme – Smooth Shave Longer” printed on them – exactly as seen on our site. However, the actual hand crafted pinewood Blade Xtreme product will have  one hot-iron “branded” line of your company contact information. We reserve the right to decline difficult to “brand” complex logo designs. To ensure sharp and clear branding – we suggest keeping things simple with just your company name, website address, and/or telephone number. We can also place your company QR on the back of each Blade Xtreme with a square peel-n-stick sticker. You must provide us with your peel-n-stick labels at least 6 weeks before event delivery date. We install your peel-n-stick stickers for FREE. We do NOT charge additional fee for this service!

Happy to answer your questions. email us at: support@bladeXtreme.com

Trade Show Pricing includes travel pouch for each Blade Xtreme and free shipping to all Las Vegas venues:

1.          100        –              500        5% discount 

Enter coupon code: tradeshow5 at checkout. NOTE: Beautiful Promoters available for an additional $750 per day. Order 501 Blade Xtremes or more and receive: one (1) FREE stunning promoter to demonstrate Blade Xtreme and direct prospects to your booth!


2.          501        –           1,000        6% discount 

Enter coupon code: tradeshow6 at checkout. Includes: one (1) FREE beautiful promoter to demonstrate Blade Xtreme and direct prospects to your booth!


3.        1,001       –            2,500        7% discount 

Enter coupon code: tradeshow7 at checkout. Includes: one (1) FREE beautiful promoter to demonstrate Blade Xtreme and direct prospects to your booth!


4.        2,501      –            5,000        8% discount 

Enter coupon code: tradeshow8 at checkout. Includes: two (2) FREE beautiful promoters to demonstrate Blade Xtreme and direct prospects to your booth!


5.        5,001      –            7,500        9% discount 

Enter coupon code: tradeshow9 at checkout. Includes: three (3) FREE beautiful promoters demonstrating Blade Xtreme and directing prospects to your booth!


6.        7,501      –        100,000      10% discount

Enter coupon code: tradeshow10 at checkout. Includes: four (4) FREE beautiful promoters to demonstrate Blade Xtreme and direct prospects to your booth!

Rush Orders Accepted:

Yes, we accept rush orders up to two weeks before your Las Vegas event. Each Blade Xtreme is hand made. It requires refinishing the pinewood, cleaning and prepping the wood to adhere the textured cleaning and honing material. Quality is extremely important to us. We will NEVER compromise our standards to deliver a less-than-stellar Blade Xtreme to you - never! Please contact us to confirm delivery time, and additional costs associated with rush orders.

You can request specific colors and quantity - but we reserve the right to ship assorted colors: Black, Red, and Pink. To ensure delivery on the exact date and time you request – please place your order at least 6 weeks before you want Blade Xtremes delivered to your Las Vegas venue. Also, allow one additional week for custom hot-iron branding. All orders must be paid in full before we begin to custom hand-craft your beautiful Blade Xtremes.

Trade Show Customers read the page carefully! Do NOT place your order if you have questions. Contact us first at support@bladextreme.com. Include your phone number. The moment you pay for your order, we immediately allocate resources to procure materials needed to fill your order! We cannot refund money for custom orders period!