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Interesting Questions and answers about Blade Xtreme:


What is Blade Xtreme?

Blade Xtreme is a handcrafted personal care tool designed to extend blade life, clean surfaces - including leading edge to improve shaving comfort.

How do I use and when do I use Blade Xtreme? Seven easy steps!

  1. Watch brief Blade Xtreme instructional video here: Time: 01:38
  2. Use Blade Xtreme immediately after you finish shaving.
  3. Thoroughly rinse razor with high-pressure hot running water in sink.
  4. Shake off excess water - but do not dry. A few drops is good.
  5. Use light pressure on handle to ensure blades evenly contact Blade Xtreme textured surface.
  6. Hold Blade Xtreme in either hand - - then push (do not pull) razor blade along the textured surface ten times - after you shave. That’s it!
  7. Eight - ten pushes after each shave is enough! Stop! You're finished!

Does my razor blade or cartridge need to be completely dry before I push it along Blade Xtreme's textured surface? 

No. A bit of moisture on your razor blade helps Blade Xtreme remove contaminants and corrosive particles from your blade.

Will Blade Xtreme damage the lubricating strip on my cartridge?

No. It removes residue from your lubricating strip - reducing friction between your skin and the lubricating strip. The result is a smoother shaving experience. 

Does Blade Xtreme last forever?

No. Blade Xtreme is a personal care maintenance tool designed enhance shaving comfort and extend razor blade life. Contaminants and corrosive particles may become trapped in Blade Xtreme's textured surface. Therefore, you should replace Blade Xtreme once a year.

Is Blade Xtreme for men and women users?

Yes! Absolutely!

Will Blade Xtreme improve my shaving experience even though I use Gillette Venus razor blades?


How many Blade Xtreme should I order?

You only need one for personal use. For convenience we suggest you keep one in your toiletries bag for travel. If your significant other shaves - order two. Better still - order the Buddy PAK to get 10 for friends or gifts; and we'll give you one FREE! Place eleven (11) in your shopping cart - and then enter coupon code: onefree  at checkout! You only pay for ten (10) but will receive eleven (11).

What is the QR code for on the back of Blade Xtreme for?

Scan the QR code with your mobile device to see cool Blade Xtreme usage instructions, articles and more.

Can I buy Blade Xtreme at Target, Walmart and other chain stores?

No. To keep cost as low as possible - we prefer to sell direct to our customers. Blade Xtreme is only available from our site: https://bladextreme.com  

Does Blade Xtreme make a good gift for family, friends or employees?

Blade Xtreme is the most thoughtful gift you can give any person that uses razor blades or cartridges! Very unique and functional gift idea for men and women!

Which razor blade brands does Blade Xtreme work best with?

All cartridge and single blade brands. Note: We do not recommend Blade Xtreme for cheap disposable razors.

What type of wood is used to make Blade Xtreme? 

We use a high-quality natural pinewood to craft Blade Xtreme.

Why L-shape asymmetric design?

Makes product easy to use with either hand, reduces travel weight, and looks cool!

What happens if I drop Blade Xtreme in water?

It floats! ...Just shake off excess water and let dry. No worries! ….But don’t let Blade Xtreme soak in your bath tub!

Why did you include the drawstring pouch?

Great for travel and Blade Xtreme storage. Perfect when you are on the go. Stuff travel size shaving cream, razor, and your Blade Xtreme in the pouch - - enjoy smooth shave for days!

Does Blade Xtreme come in other colors?

Yes. Xtreme Black, Xtreme Pink, and Xtreme Red.

Does Blade Xtreme have a warranty?

Sure does! What ever it takes to make you happy!

Can I list and sell Blade Xtreme on my Shopify site?

No. Possibly in the future if we get enough requests from our customers to do so.

Do you private label Blade Xtreme?

Yes. Minimum quantity for your first private label order is 10,000 Blade Xtreme.

Can I get discount pricing if I order 100 or more Blade Xtremes for my event, industry trade show, customers or employees?

Yes, Absolutely! Visit Blade Xtreme trade show page  https://bladextreme.com/pages/trade-show  for more information regarding customized bulk Blade Xtreme orders. Minimum custom order is 100 Blade Xtreme units. We need six (6) weeks to prepare and ship your order. Blade Xtreme are a unique “premium” giveaway for your trade show conference attendees!

Can I get a refund?

No. Blade Xtreme is a personal care item – therefore we do not offer refunds. However, if you experience any problem with Blade Xtreme - contact us and we’ll make you happy! 

Why the burnt smell when I open my Blade Xtreme package?

Every Blade Xtreme is hand crafted and inspected to ensure you receive a quality product. After artisans finish – we proudly use a hot-branding iron to “brand” your Blade Xtreme! with our logo …No worries though – the mild burnt smell dissipates after a week or two - and the light natural pinewood scent emerges from your Blade Xtreme!.

If you did not find an answer to your question click the square-pink chat icon to start a conversation with a real-live Blade Xtreme crew member. ...No fancy call centers - just real people who work at Blade Xtreme! 

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