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Investor Inquiry

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in Blade Xtreme! We're working hard to deliver a superior experience and product to our customers. Most men and women shave. Any device that contributes to a smooth shave longer and extend razor blade life is clearly - a must-have for shavers worldwide.

Blade Xtreme is well-positioned for appreciable growth in the convention, trade show, and direct-to-consumer space. We serve consumers in 48 states, and conventions / trade shows in Las Vegas. We'd like to raise $3 million to ramp and automate production capability to aggressively scale our business. We can structure an investment that aligns with your portfolio or fund objectives. We will also consider earn-out provisions that enable investors to capture return on capital - prior to any distribution to preferred shareholders.

If you'd like to be considered - tell us about your firm or fund's objectives and send contact information to support@bladextreme.com. Minimum investment: $250,000. Preferred investment: $3 million from one investor, family office, or private equity firm..

We will also consider venture capital offers, assuming a minimum 6 - 7 year exit works for the firm; unless of course - a liquidity event occurs sooner. Blade Xtreme founder and CEO is Isaac L. Daniel. https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaac-l-daniel-727a139/

Thank you!

Blade Xtreme Team